Current Engagements

ARC is proud to add value bringing our core capacities to bear, to partner with dedicated educators, and to be engaged in specific work that helps improve outcomes for students. 


NYC DOE PE Works Initiative (school programming)
Center for Educational Innovation (school programming)
Time Analysis and Professional Development to use time more effectively 

Human Capital

NYC DOE Schools (developing effective school level recruitment, selection and induction programs)

Learning and Teaching

American International Schools (instructional professional development)

Administration of Schools, Districts and Partners

New York State Department of Education (school reviews)

School Programming

In partnership with NYCDOE and the Wellness office, we are assisting in re-programming over 800 elementary and K-8 schools in order to capture efficiencies, increase PE time and to align programmatic goals.


Thought Leadership

NYC Donors Education Collaborative (ELT policy analysis with ExpandEd Schools)