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Michael Selkis


Michael Selkis is a life long educator and is a staunch advocate for all children.  He has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, a principal and a Network Leader / Superintendent. 

Michael is a recognized school programming expert.  Recently, he was the NY State Director for the National Center on Time and Learning focusing on supporting NYSED and the Governor’s office implement the Expanded Learning Time Initiative in NYC, Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers.  Prior to that, Michael worked as a Network Leader for NYCDOE public schools, overseeing and managing the instructional and overall operations of a network of 25 schools ranging from Pre K-12th grade in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.  

Michael also served as Senior Director of School Development, Support and National School Reform, where he was responsible for integrating the work and development of his new data system called Datavention that tracked both academic student progress and social/emotional data and utilized a system of symbiotic components to ensure that students are connected to appropriate instructional methods and interventions.  His work also includes working for the NCDOE assisting in implementing the Teacher Effectiveness Pilot.  Prior to working at the NYCDOE and FHI360, Michael was a principal in New York and was the founding principal for a new alternative Ed school for at-risk youth in SF.

Michael has consulted for Classroom INC, helping them develop blended learning models to better integrate technology in the classroom and he was a mentor/coach and facilitator for 5 cohorts of NYCDOE school administrators for The School Leaders Network.  

He spent time in Poland with the Peace Corps and also lived in Mexico for two years, teaching English and directing an English school. He taught in Raleigh, North Carolina and San Francisco, CA. and has been a school administrator in Cambridge, Massachusetts, San Francisco, CA and NY.  

He has also served as a guest speaker and panelist at many national and local symposiums.

All of his current and past work has been and is rooted in the simple belief that all children deserve the opportunity to be successful and that as stewards of the future, it is our collective responsibility to ensure that we achieve that goal.  

Michael believes in HOPE and that we, as a global community, can help ALL of our children achieve their dreams. 

Specialties: Special Education and Differentiated Learning and Assessment, Change Dynamics, Organizational Theory and Applied Adult Development Theory.

Michael received his B.A. in political science at St. Michael's College. Additionally, he has earned a master’s degrees from Quinnipiac University, Harvard University, and Columbia University and is currently finishing his doctorate in Urban Education School Reform and Policy at Teachers College, Columbia University.