What we do

Assess | Reimagine | Cultivate

ARC provides solutions to districts, schools, administrators and teachers, that help to address real challenges or leverage opportunities.  We work with clients to ensure their work is more effective, sustainable, and successful. 


  • School and Classroom Time Analyses, so schools can use the time they have most effectively

  • New annual calendars and daily schedules  

  • Support implementation and monitoring of extended learning, implementing best practices

Human Capital

  • Teacher recruitment, selection, onboarding and ongoing professional development plans

  • Support for teachers to take on new roles and responsibilities

  • Coaching for administrators, individual teachers, or teams

  • Meaningful and effective professional development in Math, STEM, Humanities, and addressing the needs of the whole student

Learning and Teaching

  • Resources, protocols, and coaching to support teacher collaboration

  • Support to make learning more active, linked, student-centered, rigorous and reflective, to improve teacher questioning techniques, differentiate instruction, and address students’ social-emotional needs

  • Support implementing or improve implementation of blended learning

  • Leverage data systems, analysis and synthesis to improve classroom instruction and student outcomes

Administration of Schools, Districts and Partners

  • Asset analyses of schools, districts and communities, and plans that integrate them to support opportunities for students

  • Strategic planning and progress monitoring for districts, schools, collaborations or discrete programs.

  • Training and coaching for school leaders to be most effective and to help teachers be most effective

The Whole Child

  • Support to meet students’ academic, social-emotional and physical needs, translating the latest brain science into pedagogical practices and school wide programs

  • Assessment protocols and data tools, to ensure that the whole child is valued, and that co-academic needs drive improvement of programs and schools


  • Development, evaluation and support improving partnerships with community based organizations, higher education, business and corporate partners

  • Support for programs that connect community partners, parents and the schools, so all support opportunities and improved outcomes for children

  • Monitoring and facilitation of partnerships and their school based programs

Change Management

  • Facilitation of data inquiry and continuous improvement

  • Support managing expansionary, evolutionary and innovative change

  • Professional development and coaching for district staff, administrators and teachers to most effectively manage individual and team dynamics

Thought Leadership