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Michael Selkis is the Founder of ARC Impact Solutions.  Michael is life long educator and is a staunch advocate for all children.  He has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, a principal and a Network Leader/Superintendent.  He spent time in Poland with the Peace Corps and also lived in Mexico for two years, teaching English and directing an English school. He taught in Raleigh, North Carolina and San Francisco, CA. and has been a school administrator in Cambridge, Massachusetts, San Francisco, CA and NY.

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David is the President of ARC Impact Solutions.  David has worked in the education sector for over twenty years, from his early days as a classroom teacher and principal to his more recent work as the Deputy Chancellor in the NYC Public Schools and the President of PENCIL, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education outcomes for students.  He has worked on structures and systems to help all children succeed, while  creating policies and procedures to enable school systems to become more efficient Spear  and innovative in their goal to improve the learning for all children.

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Jonathan Spear has been a teacher, administrator, foundation staff, and start-up non-profiteer. He has worked in district, charter and parochial schools. Throughout his career, he has developed a deep understanding of pedagogy and instruction, the needs of our city’s children, especially the needs of students who are most vulnerable because they have not been well served by the institutions in their communities.

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