ARC Impact Solutions leverages the resources available to schools, districts, and communities, to support educators, and improve the experience of students, so that children can fully realize their abilities as individuals, members of the community, professionals, and citizens.


ARC works with educators to

  • Assess their current realities

  • Reimagine what's possible, and

  • Cultivate sustainable solutions that help adults to be more effective and sustained in their work with children over time.

ARC  redesigns school’s daily schedules and annual calendars, helps leaders redefine adults’ roles and responsibilities, supports partnerships so that the broader community is engaged in the work of educating children.

ARC supports structural changes, supports teachers to improve their practice, and creates a broad range of student experiences in schools and the larger community.

Over time, ARC will work to support a network of schools, each of which is open to learning and sharing together, so that the broader community of educators can learn more from each other.